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Abigail Arias

What is Abigail's Reach?

Abigail's Reach was founded in the Summer of 2019. The Arias family had been blessed immensely already and knew it was time to give back. One of the things that the family appreciated the most was the ability to make lasting memories outside of the hospital. The pictures they have to look back on now do not include chemo bags, wires, or hospital beds. They are pictures of Abigail skiing in the snow, singing her heart out on a fishing boat, giving her famous Abigail's Reach pose in New York City, and countless more.

"In our hardest times, these pictures give us comfort", states Abigail's parents. "These organizations gave us the ability to step out of reality, and for a few moments, truly live again. We want to help other families capture these same beautiful memories that give us so much comfort and ease the pain."

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Abigail and a llama

What's with the Llamas?

Once, a caring individual gifted a stuffed llama to Abigail. She LOVED it. She wanted to carry it everywhere. Freeport Chief Ray Garivey informed Abigail, “Police officers don’t play with llamas.” (read about Abigail becoming honorary Freeport police officer 758) Abigail looked intensely at her chief and said, “YES WE DO!”

From that point on, llamas became a theme. Stuffed llamas, llama posters and stickers, people dressed in llama suits and real llamas began making appearances everywhere with Abigail.

As you view this website and view photos, etc., you will see llamas. Why? Because Abigail loved llamas. We hope you will love them, too, and remember.


Abigail’s Reach is dedicated to helping families with a child fighting cancer experience great memories along the journey. Memories that do not involve hospital rooms and chemo bags. These memories may be a fun vacation, or a fishing trip, or a concert or any number of things. To make these memories happen, it takes the support of others.

Any size donation will help a family cope with the most difficult time in their life, and bring some joy that will last a lifetime. Please consider helping us give the gift of happy memories and extend Abigail’s Reach far and wide.


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Our mission is to bring awareness to the fight against childhood cancer so that no child feels forgotten. In this effort, we provide memory making experiences for families of children who are on the cancer journey.

Abigail's Reach

What's a llamas favorite drink? Llamanade