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Making Good Memories

When a family has a child fighting cancer, it is draining on the whole family. It is easy for the family to be overwhelmed with hospitals, tests, treatments, procedures, IVs, tubes and doctors. Abigail's family was blessed with people who rallied around them and provided escapes to do fun things. These activities built good memories that could be focused on instead of the harder side of things. Even now, the Arias family have tons of photos of Abigail having fun and doing incredible things and those good memories help them cope with the loss of their precious little girl.

Abigail's Reach is here to help you create such memories for yourself. If your child is fighting cancer and you would like Abigail's Reach to help, click the button below and fill out the form. Someone will contact you and go over your request and the qualifications.


Abigail's reach


Abigail’s Reach is dedicated to helping families with a child fighting cancer experience great memories along the journey. Memories that do not involve hospital rooms and chemo bags. These memories may be a fun vacation, or a fishing trip, or a concert or any number of things. To make these memories happen, it takes the support of others.

Any size donation will help a family cope with the most difficult time in their life, and bring some joy that will last a lifetime. Please consider helping us give the gift of happy memories and extend Abigail’s Reach far and wide.


Abigail's Reach
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