Abigail Arias' Story | Officer 758

Abigail was born on June 28th, 2012 to Ruben and Ilene Arias, along with older brother Ethan Arias. Abigail was a very loving, joyful, and energetic child. 

At age of 4 though, the family received some very grave news. Abigail had been diagnosed with stage 4 Wilms Tumor. This is a type of cancer that attacks children's kidneys. The cancer had already reached throughout her body and into her lungs. Doctors warned the family that it would be very hard to fight at this stage. The family stayed hopeful but knew they had a hard road ahead of them.

Ruben and Ilene did everything possible to fight the cancer. Abigail went through a year and a half of treatments that included chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries. She rang the bell once in October of 2017 but, unfortunately the cancer returned less than six months later. Finally, In November of 2018, the family was told that the treatments were not working and Abigail had less than a year left. They were told to savor every moment, and make lasting memories. The family held onto their faith in God and resorted to trying some homeopathic treatments.

After hearing of the family's dire situation, Freeport Chief Ray Garivey reached out. He had never met the family before but wanted to help comfort them in any way he could. Chief Garivey invited them to Freeport's Annual Pancakes with Santa and the First Responders Toy Parade. Abigail loved seeing all the smiles they brought to the children in the neighborhood and expressed an interest in becoming a police officer herself. Chief Garivey vowed to make that happen.

On February 7, 2019, Abigail was named an honorary Freeport police officer - Officer 758. Abigail's family was contacted by many different law enforcement agencies, first responders, and support groups from around the world. Multiple organizations came to the rescue, gifting the family with memorabilia, toys, and memory making trips to unforgettable places. Abigail's family lived life to the fullest, laughed together, and made many lasting memories over the next nine months.

On November 5th, 2019 Abigail went to be with her Lord and Savior. Although the family prayed endlessly for a miracle, they believe their prayer was answered through the gift of 758. They will tell you that their daughter received her healing when she ran through Heaven's pearly gates and is waiting expectantly for her family's arrival. The family gives all thanks to God for giving them strength and courage through this hard time. They look forward to seeing Abigail again one day but until then, she will be forever loved and missed. 

Stay Relentless!!!

Abigail Arias

Abigail Arias

Abigail Arias


Abigail’s Reach is dedicated to helping families with a child fighting cancer experience great memories along the journey. Memories that do not involve hospital rooms and chemo bags. These memories may be a fun vacation, or a fishing trip, or a concert or any number of things. To make these memories happen, it takes the support of others.

Any size donation will help a family cope with the most difficult time in their life, and bring some joy that will last a lifetime. Please consider helping us give the gift of happy memories and extend Abigail’s Reach far and wide.


Abigail's Reach
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